Ukraine Un|Divide Border Challenge

A supportive 2.295 KM ultra-cycling challenge around the Ukraine.

Borders are lines that have been agreed to divide one country from another. They are a foundation of territorial integrity and sovereignty. The current Russian aggression towards the Ukraine and it’s people severely threatens Ukraine borders in an unprecedented and unbearable way. Millions of people became refugees over night, thousands of dead and massive destruction of all kind of infrastructure.

While we don’t know, where this will end up, international help and support are urgently needed. Not just in the short terms, but also in the long run. This is where Ukraine UN|Divide Border Challenge enters the field combining elements of ultra-cycling and social action.

the challenge


Ride 2.295 KM which is the length of the Ukraine border line.


All activities during 01.04.2022 – 31.05.2022 are considered.


Leave a donation to
Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.


Follow on STRAVA and join the club to participate in the challenge.

In ultra-cycling a “Divide” usually indicates following a natural line between territories being separated by a watershed. The UN|Divide Border Challenge picks up this concept following the Ukraine border with a total length of 2.295 KM. The borders and the country shall not be divided by outside aggression.

Unfortunately, the Ukraine border regions are obviously not a reasonable cycling ground by now and in the near future. Therefore, the UN|Divide Border Challenge lifts the barriers of geography. You can ride wherever you are – even indoors. It’s a virtual challenge set up on STRAVA. A ranking of club rider’s will be provided here during the course of the challenge.

The distance of 2.295 KM is a fair pitch into the field of ultra-cycling usually covering roughly 500 KM to 5.000 and more kilometers. In orders to make the challenge more accessible it abandons the single-stage concept and sets out for a cumulative effort in the period from 01.04. to 31.05.2022.

Finally, cycling long distances alone doesn’t help Ukraine people. That’s why we want to encourage you to leave a donation to Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund under the fundraiser we opened for this challenge to support humanitarian assistance in impacted communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions. For more information check out Global Giving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. The goal is to raise at least 2.295 EUR – 1 EUR per kilometer of Ukraine border line. Let’s make this happen!

Ready to go? Then join the STRAVA club below and #RideWithUkraine. For any question you may check out the FAQ or leave us a message.



Participation is very simple. You accept the challenge agreement and leave us your STRAVA profile name. Then you’ll be directly sent to STRAVA and join the Ukraine UN|Divide Border Challenge club. Once we confirmed your request, you are good to go!

This is free and open to everyone riding on STRAVA. Other platforms are not supported.

Yes, you do need a STRAVA account. To participate in the challenge you simply head over to STRAVA to join the Ukraine UN|Divide Border Challenge club and follow Simply Bikepacking. This way you make sure, that your activities recorded on STRAVA can be considered.

Note: STRAVA does neither support nor benefit from this challenge.

There shall be a ranking based on your STRAVA activity during the challenge period. This is being worked on and we’ll let you know once the solution it’s there.

For STRAVA subscribers you can additionally create a personal challenge on STRAVA to track your progress and invite your friends to join your challenge.

There’s no such thing. This one is for help and support. No prize money, no raffles, no sponsors.

Obviously NO. Humanitarian support shall never be bound to conditions.

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Challenge Agreement

You are joining a STRAVA group to enter the challenge. Thereby, you accept your activies being used by Simply Bikepacking to publish individual results as part of an overall ranking on this website ( through the course of the challenge.

All activity data will be used in full respect of your STRAVA privacy settings and only for the above stated purpose. Private accounts/activities will not be considered.