Germany x Greenland

In 2018 I went off for a bikepacking adventure that seems more or less impossible these days… simply cycling from Germany to Greenland – and so I did. For five months I enjoyed both the struggle and freedom on the road. There’s still so much content (notes, video, photography…) from this trip that I have not yet reviewed and edited, but I put together the below slideshows for presentations I gave back in Germany and want to share these here as well. Sure, this was set up to be presented to an audience and might not be self-explanatory – therefore, feel free to give me feedback to transform this into a readable blog experience.


Follow my ride through middle Germany alongside rivers and mounting, crossing the first boarder into Luxemburg, enjoying beer and countryside in Belgium, arriving at the Atlantic coast in France and transferring to the UK for very special London city ride and fabulous bikepacking in the South Downs.

Part II

This one takes you south to north  a across Wales and Scotland, the beautiful and unique Faroe Islands, across windy Iceland and finally to Greenland with it’s rough and isolated east and the more accessible west coast.

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