Aufbau OST | Das Projekt

Mehr zum Projekt Aufbau OST gibts demnächst.

Hersteller, Manufakturen und Rahmenbauer

8bar (Berlin) //
Cicli Bonanno (Berlin)//
Drust Cycles (Berlin) //
Fern Fahrräder (Berlin) //
Pasculli (Berlin) //
Schindelhauer (Berlin) //
Standert (Berlin) //
Wheel Dan (Berlin) //

Big Forest Frameworks (Potsdam) //
KOCMO Titan-Bikes (Stahnsdorf) //

Diamant (Chemnitz) //
Dlouhý Cycles (Leipzig) //
Hit Bikes (Schirgiswalde) //
Rotor Bikes (Leipzig) //
Sour Bicycles (Dresden) //
Stein Bikes (Chemnitz) //
Velofaktum (Chemnitz) //
Veloheld (Dresden) //

Kappstein (Gotha) //
Möve Bikes (Mühlhausen) //

Challenge Agreement

You are joining a STRAVA group to enter the challenge. Thereby, you accept your activies being used by Simply Bikepacking to publish individual results as part of an overall ranking on this website ( through the course of the challenge.

All activity data will be used in full respect of your STRAVA privacy settings and only for the above stated purpose. Private accounts/activities will not be considered.